Canon Selphy CP1300

Canon Selphy CP1300 Configuration Process

The Canon Selphy device configuration is a compact as well as an elegant device that allows high-performance Wi-Fi image copying. It is perfect for creating characteristic photographs through suitable intelligent devices, camera & much more. Uses smartphone printing technology to generate high-definition printouts.

How to Configure Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer

Follow the instructions beneath to configure the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer:

  • Unzip the container and eliminate the device packaging matter.
  • Pull the machine from the packaging carefully and place it on the smooth area.
  • Remove the tag off the machine from Canon Selphy CP1300.
  • Afterward, remove the ink entry cover on the right hand side & insert the color tank inside the printer.
  • Insert the picture sheet onto a rack and shut the cover towards the container.
  • Now insert the intake sheet feeder throughout the printer’s position.
  • Connect one charging cable termination onto the power source.
  • Connect the opposite side of the cable towards the printer’s socket.
  • Power on your Canon Selphy CP1300 machine by pressing the Power switch.
  • Obtain drivers package via the URL provided on this website for Canons Selphy CP1300 printer.

How to Download the Canon CP1300 Driver

Complete the following configuration procedures for downloading the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer driver:

  • Click the power key to activate the Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer configure.
  • To get the Selphy CP1300 device driver, visit the URL listed on this website.
  • Sit tight till the driver has finished downloading and navigate to directory Download.
  • Do the onscreen steps for installing the device driver inside the desktop.
  • When the network type monitor is shown, select the link mode & press OK.
  • Finish the install and attempt to photocopy a preview sheet.

Wireless Configuration of Canon Selphy CP1300

  • To activate your Canon Selphy Printer Configuration, press the Start key.
  • Click the Wi-Fi Configuration option on the main screen of the device.
  • Click OK & Wi-Fi Connections, and then click OK.
  • Select the button Wi-Fi, then the machine will begin scanning the connections that are accessible.
  • Select the identity for the connection and submit the wifi passcode.
  • Navigate towards the Printer / Scanner settings on the Desktop.
  • Users may attach the Canon CP1300 printer from the device directory by clicking Add Device. Choose OKAY and perform the modifications needed.
  • Change the primary printer for the Canon Selphy CP1300.
  • Users may now print out their desktop photographs.

Canon Selphy CP1300 Ink Cartridge Setup

Employ a suitable ink cartridge with the Canon Selphy CP1300 Setup:

  • Before installing the ink cartridge, make sure it is the correct size.
  • Check the ink cartridge size fits the length of the sheet you’re using.
  • Remove the lid from the ink cartridge chamber.
  • Throughout the order of the sign, place the canister inside the device.
  • To prevent dirt on the page, shut the color cartridge chamber lid.
  • Reusing the color cartridge and loading the sheet cartridge is not recommended.
  • To begin, detach the top shell then insert the photographic sheet.
  • To check the color tank is properly inserted, generate a test picture.

Printing setup for Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer

  • Attach the Canon Selphy CP1300 machine as well as Laptop to a similar wireless connection.
  • Place picture sheets inside the sheet entry section.
  • Verify to recognize if the machine is turned on & linked to the network point.
  • Select Wi-Fi Options, then finally press the OK key.
  • Pick the Connectivity Protocol, press the OKAY key.
  • Pick the choice through wireless connection and then click OKAY.
  • Select WPS Connectivity and afterward press the OK option.
  • Select OK after selecting the PBC technique.
  • Make a network between both the Selphy CP1300 Printing Setup with the Laptop.
  • Click any picture on the Laptop and select the Printing button.
  • Adjust the printing parameters and then press OK. The Canon Selphy CP1300 machine can assist users in beginning to generate the chosen images.

Canon Airprint Setup on Canon Selphy CP1300

Using the AirPrint function, you may print the images from Mac OS computers. To copy using the AirPrint function on the Canon Selphy CP1300 color printer, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Click the Main button to turn on the Selphy CP1300.
  • Attach the Canon Selphy CP1300 towards the internet through a wifi connection.
  • Connect the Mac towards the same wireless connection as a printer. Choose the picture you wish to photocopy on the Mac.
  • Select the relevant parameters, including the number of prints, paper length, as well as other preferences.
  • Choose the Canon Selphy CP1300 Setup among the device catalog.
  • When users press Print, the photos you’ve chosen would be photocopied to your laptop.
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